All massage treatments are available as either 60 or 90 minutes service.

Therapeutically Deep

Slow, deep pressure targeting stressed muscles with the use of stretching and Swe-Thai techniques. Helps to relieve tension and pain.

Swedish Strokes

Classic massage with emphasis in stress reduction. A combination of strokes and light modalities. Promotes relaxation, calmness, supports the lymphatic system and increases circulation.

Specialty-Hands & Feet

A combination of short, detailed strokes and pressure targeting the sore and over used muscles of the hands and feet.

Specialty-Neck & Back

A variety of strokes, pressure and Active Isolated Stretches techniques targeting the core back and neck muscles. This combination helps release tension and loosen up tired and over used neck, shoulders and back muscles due to stress and everyday work related activities.

Work Me Out

Sports Massage combining a variety of strokes targeting specific muscle group according to your sports activity of choice. Pre and Pos sports event to support endurance and Recovery

Cupping & Guasha

Ancient technique used to release adhesion and release overused tired muscular areas. Silicone, glass or rubber cups are used directly on the skin to promote blood flow and fascia release.

Pregnancy “Prenatal” Massage

Be a mother is a blessing and woman’s absolute empowering experience and it’s the most absolute celebration of life! Prenatal massage supports the expectant mother to decrease the symptoms of depression, reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches, improve circulation and reduce joint pain.

“Pedras Quentes”

A relaxing and nurturing hot stones based massage. During this soothing and calming experience, you will receive a Full Body Swedish massage with the integration of the energy of the Stones (Quartz, Shiva Lingam, Jade and more). This is an amazing experience where you feel the healing power and warmth of the stones while enjoying full relaxation.

Healing Vibrations Massage

Sound is healing ... During this massage, you will receive a Spot Focused Swedish Massage. Light touch focusing on face, head, neck and shoulders are added for serenity and stillness with the integration of authentic Himalayan singing bowls.

MPS (micro point current stimulation)

MPS is a hybrid therapeutic modality combining modern western science and ancient Chinese medicine. This designed to treat chronic and acute soft tissue pain, adhesion and scars by applying micro current impulses to trigger motor and acupuncture points. (MPS can be added to any massage services)

CBD Massage fort lauderdale

C.B.D. Massage

Yes, it’s new and it’s powerful! A full body CBD massage. The anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties of CBD supports joints, reduces muscle inflammation, induces relaxation and stress relief. 


By appointment only
Marcia Chaves-Tyndall

Licensed Massage Therapist FL#: MA 75642 

Skin Care Specialist FL#: FB 9753633